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The Conference of Product Quality of Blister Machine

The Conference of Analysis on the Product Quality of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine was held in Tianjin on October 14, 2012. The meeting was hosted by China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment and organized by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for the National Medical Appliances and Pharmaceutical Machinery. About 40 representatives including scholars, engineers and technicians, management from the major Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine manufacturers attended the meeting.
Mr. Zhao Lin, Vice Secretary General of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment presided over the meeting. Ms. Shi Qing from the association made a speech, in which she briefed the development history of China’s Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine in the past 30 years, reviewed the current production and quality situations of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine and the gap between China and the international standards, expressed her hope that the manufacturers of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine will strive to improve product quality, understand fully the deep connotation of GMP and focus on details so that the product quality be enhanced substantially.
The leaders and engineering technical personnel from Tianjin Inspection Center also addressed the conference in sequence. Ms. Sun Huili, engineer from the center, briefed the supervisions and inspections conducted by the state in 2012. The spot checks happened to 19 Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine manufacturers and only 68.42% proved to be qualified. The problems were mainly found in safety property and finished product quality. Large and medium-sized enterprises performed better than small companies.
Mr. Liu Hui, engineer from the center, detailed the problems found out in the inspections related with safety and quality and he proposed his analyses one by one, such as safety concerns on continuity of earth circuit protection, electric intermittence, irrationality of creepage distance and quality issues of sealing tightness, filling ratio, appearance and dimensions, which directly result in unqualified products. Other particulars such as non-standard marking of wires and alerts will also be identified as unqualified, which deserve full attention by the manufacturers.
Mr. Gao Shan, Vice Director from the center, reiterated how important it is to improve product quality through national inspections. He also proposed solutions to tackle the problems arising from the checks, explained the relevant standards so that the similar problems would not recur in future.
Madam Qi Baofen, Director from the center, delivered a speech, expressing her thanks to everyone for their support to the center. She invited all the representatives to visit the office building which was newly opened and of international standard, where the advanced testing equipment was demonstrated, especially the 10-metered semi-radio wave darkroom for testing EMC of pharmaceutical machinery and medical apparatus, which will provide good technical support for improving the product quality of pharmaceutical machinery and medical appliances, ensuring the testing of export products and enhancing product competitiveness.
Professor Sun Huaiyuan from the School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science & Technology gave a lecture on the subject of “The Development Trend of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine”, which made the audience understand better about the product situation and development tendency of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine in the developed countries.
Discussions on the standards of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine and its hot spots of technical issues also became lively. Deep communications were made on the practical problems arising from the production among the leaders, experts and representatives from different companies, including Mr. Ye Dajin, Vice Director-general of the association and also General Manager of Zhejiang Feiyun Science and Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Jack Yang, General Manager of Shanghai Jornen Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., and Mr. Sun Hong, representing Zhejiang Hualian Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd., who proposed to revise the professional standards of pharmaceutical Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine as soon as possible and declared one after another that they would actively take part in the work to make China’s Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine catch up with and surpass the advanced world levels at an early date.
The management from the inspected manufacturers spoke highly of the engineering and technical team from Tianjin Pharmaceutical Machinery Quality Inspection Center for their conscientious work and clean-handed integrity. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude.
The conference ended in a successful close. The expected goals were achieved. It is believed that the conference will play an active role in accelerating the product quality improvement of Blister Packaging Machine in China.
*The above information is abstracts from the 129th issue of Pharmaceutical Machine
*The fellowing information is abstracted from China's medicine newspaper in March16th,1999 Written by Sibian
The state quality spot - checking of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine shows: The quality makes a progress generally but small factories have quite few problems
Before long, The State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for the National Medical Appliances and Pharmaceutical Machinery conducted random spot checks on pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers according to the professional standard in Zhejiang, Liaoning province,  Beijing and Shanghai. The result indicates that the quality of Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine made a great progress. The qualification rate improves nearly 20 percent than the first time’s national supervisory random inspections in 1995.
There are thirty- six kinds of products of thirty –one manufacturers that have been spot-checked at this time. Among them, there are twenty-nine kinds of products meet the standard. The qualification rate of the production is 80.6%. Among them, six kinds of products of four middle enterprises that have been spot-checked, the six all meet the standard, the qualification rate is 100%. Thirty kinds of products of twenty- seven small manufacturers, twenty- three kinds meet the standard, the qualification rate is 76.7%.
The result shows that the quality of some key manufacturers are better. Such as Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Pharmaceutical Machinery Equipment factory and so on. These manufacturers have strong quality consciousness and integrity of software and hardware of quality management, and it is strike in producing and inspection according to the standard.
The small manufacturers that have been spot-checked at this time, including some qualified at first time, have lots of problems. The main problem is overlook quality, they just pay attention to the capacity and benefit and did not try their best to manage and guarantee the quality of the product.
*During the national supervisory random inspections in 1995, 1998 and 2012, the qualification rate of Jornen Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine reached 100%, leading the industry in China.