End-of-line Packaging Machines

  • Pillow Packing Machines
    Pillow Packing Machines

    The Pillow Packing Machines wrap many types of commodities including blister sheets, facial paper, soaps, biscuits, candies, chewing gum and instant noodles, etc.

  • Overwrapper

    The Overwrapper takes over cartons(or similar shaped object), places them together or stacks them in bundles, and tightly wraps them in film with excess material at either end.

  • Stretch-Banding Machine
    Stretch-Banding Machine

    The stretch-banding machines can place together or stack cartons(or similar shaped object) to form larger units. These are then tightly wrapped in plastic film.

  • Blister Machine DPH190
    Blister Machine DPH190

    Blister Machine DPH-190 adopts platen forming, rotary sealing, it is a innovative and efficient Blister Machine.

  • Case Packers
    Case Packers

    Case packers pack cartons or batch packed cartons into cardboard cases ready for dispatch. Erection of the blank cardboards, filling of the cases, sealing of the top and bottom flaps can complete automatically.

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