N95 Face Mask Machine

The video of this N95 Face Mask Machine
Automatic N95 Mask Making Machine adopts programmable control system, touch screen panel, speed-shift and electronic automatic counter.
Fully automatic, it can complete the actions of multilayer material transferring, nose bridge feeding, mask edge ultrasonic welding, ink-jet code printing (optional), ear band ultrasonic welding and cutting, mask folding and forming ultrasonic welding, mask cutting, final product discharging and waste collecting. Takes your material and creates a mask all within one machine.
Its high automation, efficiency and stability, ensure low-cost operation, 35 pieces per minute, only requires one worker to operate.
High Quality, adopte premium ultrasonic welding machine and precise servo technology to assure high products quality.
It is the best choice for mass production.
Can connected to subsequent machines, e.g., pillow packing machine, cartoning machine and Case Packer to form a whole production line.