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Headquarters in Shanghai:
Email: Tel: +86 21 57678709  Fax: +86 21 57676925
Headquarters and production plants address: No.3966 Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China. Zip code: 201619
Global Network 
When you email to us, please contact one representative only, not two or more!  
Office in Russia: 
Mr. Sergei Vodolago  
Email: sergei  jornen  
Office & demo room address: Moscovskaya oblast, Pushkino, Kudrinskoe shosse 6.
Tel: +7 495 517 65 97
Mr. Johannes Heine
Email: jornen-de jornen   
Office & demo room address: Hauptstrasse 21 Pfaffenhofen an der Roth
Tel: +49 7302921770
Mr. Tarzíciusz Pál Simon 
Email: pal.simon  jornen  
Address: Dunaharaszti, Duna Setany
Mr. Radu Ungurasu  
Email: radu.ungurasu  jornen  
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland:
Mr. Martin Björk  
Email: martin  jornen  
Address: Stora Åvägen Askim, Sweden.   
Office in Vietnam:
Office & demo room address: Địa chỉ: 44-46 Đường số 21A, Phường Bình Trị Đông B,  Quận Bình Tân, TP.HCM, VIỆT NAM
Tel: +84 28 6260 1830 - Fax: +84 28 6260 1831 Mobile: +84 984770423
Office in Syria:
Mr. Ehab Fansa  
Email: ehab  jornen  
Address: Al Jahmliha AVE Aleppo, Syria.
Tel: +963212247170 
Mr. Siriwat Buakhaw  
Email: siriwat  jornen 
Address: Bang Sri Muang, Mueang Nonthaburi, Thailand.
Email: jornen-ph  jornen 
Address: Francis Street Mandaluyong City, Philippines. 
Jordan and Iraq:
Mr. Dawud Al Minawi  
Email: dawud  jornen  
Address: Queen Rania Al -Abdullah Street, Jordan.
Office in Latin America 
Mr. Arturo Casasola
Email: arturo  jornen    
Address: Z 1 Residenciales El Cerrito, 01001 Guatemala ciudad
Egypt and Sudan:
Mr. Abdel Fattah
Email: abdelfattah  jornen  
Address: New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.
Mr. Mohamed Hichem
Email: mohamed.hichem  jornen  
If you email an inquiry to us, please tell us your country, we will forward your enquiry to our relevant regional distributor.
If you do not receive a response from us in 24 hours to your e-mails, please contact us again in case of server error or lost correspondence.
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We are now actively setting up more representatives in the global market. If you or your team have experience in sales and after-sales service in machinery or specifically pharmaceutical machinery, in some nation or region and are interested in joining us, please contact us. 

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If you do not receive a response from us in 24 hours to your e-mails, please contact us agian in case of server error or lost correspondence.
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