Plastic-cardboard Blister Packaging

Plastic-cardboard Blister Packaging is a commonly used packaging method for daily necessities, cosmetics, hardware tools, and other products. This type

Perhaps The Most Elegant Blister Line In The World

Jornen has recently launched a new high-speed full-servo blister line. The line incorporates the latest design concept, with sleek and

Make Your Blister Packaging Process Easier With A Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory feeders are widely used in blister packaging machines, especially continuous ones. The vibratory feeder generally consists of a hopper,

Blister Feeder for Parenteral Products
Vibratory Feeder for various tablets and capsules.
Pharmaceutical Cartoning Machine For Vial Packaging
Blister Line operation, including Blistering Cartoning and Overwrapping
High-efficiency Blister Feeder For Various Shapes of Tablets
Alu-PVC-Alu Blister Packaging Line
Fast And Efficient Blister Line Running In Fortune 500 Companies

Fast And Efficient Blister Line Running In Fortune 500 Companies

Sinopharm is a Fortune 500 company and the leading pharmaceutical group in China. The company has always had stringent equipment

Vertical cartoning machine in motion

The cartoning machine is divided into two types: horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoning machine, according to how the packaged