Customer Feedback

Cartoning Machine for a VN customer

Text content: Product Name and Model: Cartoning Machine for bottle and leaflet Service Technician: Mr. Xie Are all the safety

Cartoning Machine technical service for a Malaysian customer

 Text content:Product Name and Model: Jornen Cartoning Machine Service Duration: 1 weekAre all the safety alarm plates (board, panel) on

Blister Packaging Line service for a Venezuelan customer

Text content: Machine User: Jose Dinro Product Name and Model: Blister Machine DPP260 – Cartoning Machine ZH220 Service Technician: Cao

Blister Machine technical service for a Canadian customer

Text content:Machine User: MARCUS SIMProduct Name and Model: Automatic Blister Packaging Machine DPP260k2-1 / DPP260K-2Service Technician: Sun chan huAre all

Cartoning Machine in Ukraine

Jornen provided a Cartoning Machine for a customer in UkraineThe video of this Cartoning Machine in customer’s factory is available

Blister Machine in Thailand

Jornen provided a Blister Packaging Machine for customer in Thailand, this Blister Packaging Machine connect a conveyor belt and blister cards magazine,

Ampoules Blister Line for a customer in Europe (contain video)

Recently Jornen provided a vials and ampoules Blister Packaging Line for a pharmaceutical company in Europe. In this line the

Blister Packaging Line in Jinchen Pharma (contain video)

Jornen provided a Blister Packaging Line to Jinchen Pharma Group China, this line combined with rotary sealing Blister Packaging Machine,

Cartoner equipped with delta robot in Kelin pharma (contain video)

We provided a intermittent cartoning to China Kelin pharmaceutical company, the cartoning machine equipped with a delta robot that can

Blister packaging line in China Jiufan Pharma (contain video)

We provided Blister Packaging Line to China Jiufan pharmaceutical company, the video is available at:

DPP150K2-ZH120 Blister Line in Russia (contain video)

We delivered a Blister Packaging Line to a customer in Russia, the Blister Machine unite is DPP150K2 equipped with dedicated

Blister Packaging Line in Algeria (contain video)

Blister Packaging line integrated with Blister Machine and Cartoning Machine in production in customer factory, the video of this Blister