Customer Feedback

Cartoning Machine for a VN customer

Text content: Product Name and Model: Cartoning Machine […]

Cartoning Machine technical service for a Malaysian customer

 Text content:Product Name and Model: Jornen Cartoning […]

Blister Packaging Line service for a Venezuelan customer

Text content: Machine User: Jose Dinro Product Name and […]

Blister Machine technical service for a Canadian customer

Text content:Machine User: MARCUS SIMProduct Name and M […]

Cartoning Machine in Ukraine

Jornen provided a Cartoning Machine for a customer in U […]

Blister Machine in Thailand

Jornen provided a Blister Packaging Machine f […]

Ampoules Blister Line for a customer in Europe (contain video)

Recently Jornen provided a vials and ampoules Blister P […]

Blister Packaging Line in Jinchen Pharma (contain video)

Jornen provided a Blister Packaging Line to Jinchen Pha […]

Cartoner equipped with delta robot in Kelin pharma (contain video)

We provided a intermittent cartoning to China Kelin pha […]

Blister packaging line in China Jiufan Pharma (contain video)

We provided Blister Packaging Line to China Jiufan phar […]

DPP150K2-ZH120 Blister Line in Russia (contain video)

We delivered a Blister Packaging Line to a customer in […]

Blister Packaging Line in Algeria (contain video)

Blister Packaging line integrated with Blister Machine […]