Ampoules Blister Line for a customer in Europe (contain video)

Recently Jornen provided a vials and ampoules Blister Packaging Line for a pharmaceutical company in Europe.
In this line the Blister Packaging Machine only make thermoformed blister trays, after the blister trays were punched out, a robot collect and place them in a conveyor.
This Blister Packaging Line equipped two servo regulated feeding systems for alternative use, when one is working the other is standing by, thus reduces down-time between production batches.

  1. Behind the Blister Machine, equipped one feeding system, in ampoules loading systems, a rake guides the ampoules into the chutes and forms them into lines, from there a robot arm with vacuum suction cups collect the ampoules and gently put them in a ampoule chain conveyor, the chain conveyor loaded with ampoule mover forward, then a giant robot with multi-lane vacuum suction cups collect a certain amount of ampouls, transfers them to a place wait for the blister trays conveyor, when the position is correct the robot will place the ampoules into blister trays.
  2. After the first feeding system there is another one: a conveyor transports the vials or ampoules into the tracks; A motor driven slide distributes the vials or ampoules evenly; A rake guides the ampoules into the chutes and forms them into lines; from there they continue into the slots of a roller; The servo driven roller turns 90 degrees, moving the ampoules into a horizontal position; The ampoules are then collected by the vacuum arm, with vacuum suction cups from the slots of the roller, and accurately and gently placed into the blister trays
    It adopts clamp-packs unique design: The press-in robot gently pushes the ampoules into the pockets to ensure the ampoules are firmly clamped in the pockets; thus preventing products from falling from the pockets and protecting them against major impacts.
    The blister trays loaded with ampoules move forward, then are transferred the Cartoning Machine’s conveyor, after that the Cartoning Machine then fold leaflets, open cartons, insert the products and leaflets into cartons, emboss, tuck-in closures and automatically discharge cartons.
    The video of this Blister Packaging Line is available at: