Cartoning Machine enquiry from Israel

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are a leading international design and construction company of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological facilities.
We specializes in execution of projects for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industries on a “turnkey” basis.
Our group has offices in The Nederland, India, Italy, Israel, USA and China.
I would like to check a possibility to cooperate between Request for a quotation – Blister Packaging Machine and Cartoning Machine.
We have checked your catalog and our technical team found that you might be able to offer a solution for Blister Packaging Machine which require for one of our customers.
We are looking for a Blister Machine with highly automatic function. The goal of the entire project is to make the packaging system automate, which will save employee invest.
The require is for the smallest Blister Machine available, at the lowest rate found.
The ideal solution for Cartoning Machine would be a machine that just knows how to get cardboard and open it in such a solution they will attach one unit to each of our production line – a total of 12 lines.
Please advise with your technical solution.
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