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Blister Packaging Line equipped synchronous running Tube Feed System

This Blister Packaging Line is combined with a continuous motion rotary-sealing Blister Machine and a continuous motion cartoning machine. The

Alu-PVC-Alu Blister Pack

According to different packaging materials and principles of forming, Blister packs may be divided into mainly two types: aluminum/plastic (thermoforming)

A line combined with Blistering, pillow packing, Cartoning and Stretch Banding

A high-speed line combined with Blistering, pillow packing, Cartoning, and Stretch Banding Servo-regulated Blister Packaging Line integrating high-speed blister packaging

Cartoning Machine equipped synchronous feeder for pillow pack.

Integrate multiple packaging equipment into a complete automatic manufacturing or packaging line has become a trend in the pharmaceutical industry.

Blister inspection system for before-sealing and after-sealing

Quality assurance of packaged products is of critical importance in the pharmaceutical industry since incorrectly packaged or damaged products may

A line combined with Pillow-packing, Cartoning, and Stretch-Banding

  Recently Jornen provided a packaging line to a pharma; this line combined with pillow-packing, cartoning, weigher, ink-jet printer, and Stretch-Banding.The

A line combined by Cartoning Machine and Stretch-Banding Machine

This line is combined by Cartoning Machine and Stretch-Banding Machine, adopt pre-folded leaflet. The video of this line is available

Oral Liquid Bottles Blister Line

This oral bottle Blister Line is combined with DPP500 Blister Machine and ZH300 Cartoning Machine, this line adopt bottle unscrambler,

Blister Machine BMP-270 equipped two inspection systems

The Blister Packaging Machine BMP270 adopts GMP-compliant cantilever (balcony) design concept, for easy cleaning, the main structure has a vertical

Blister Machine for chocolate package

Blister pack is not only popular for pharmaceutical products but also widely used in food industry, such as packaging of

Integration of Cartoning Machine and Tube Filling Machine

As the labor cost gets higher and higher, connection of upstream-downstream equipment to form a automatic production line become more

Blister Machine BMP270-Cartoner ZH150 in pharma

Recently, Jornen provided a blister packaging line to a Vietnamese customer, this line is combination of Blister Packaging Machine BMP270