Fast And Efficient Blister Line Running In Fortune 500 Companies

Sinopharm is a Fortune 500 company and the leading pharmaceutical group in China. The company has always had stringent equipment acceptance requirements and traditionally used high-end European equipment. However, after inspecting Jornen’s blister line last year, the pharmaceutical group found that its technological content and speed of Jornen’s blister line were on par with their European counterparts. Thus, they placed their order with Jornen, with the equipment set to be delivered by the end of 2022.
After the equipment arrived at the pharmaceutical factory, Jornen arranged for a team of after-sales engineers to conduct a trial production test in their workshop. After months of hard work, the equipment finally met stringent acceptance standards.
Due to the excellent performance of Jornen’s equipment and team, the pharmaceutical group is now starting to purchase a second production line from Jornen.
Jornen’s blister line consists of a high-speed blister machine and a cartoning machine. The blister machine conducts two online inspections on blister cards – before sealing and after punching. The inspection before sealing checks for missing tablets or incomplete shapes of pills, while the inspection after punching checks for proper sealing, clear production batch numbers, accurate punching position, and more.
The connection unit of the blister line uses a conveyor belt to improve flexibility when changing production varieties. The cartoning unit of the blister line is configured with three magazines to receive blister cards accurately and place them on the cartoner’s chain plate.
The end of the blister line has a high-precision weighing system that can accurately detect the medicine box’s weight dynamically online.
If you would like to see a video of the blister line, please click the link below: