Vertical cartoning machine in motion

The cartoning machine is divided into two types: horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoning machine, according to how the packaged items are put into the carton.
The packaging items in the horizontal cartoning machine are pushed into the carton horizontally. For some long-shaped items, such as bottles, need to be laid down before being pushed into the carton; for some fragile products, this process may cause damage to the items. In addition, some products, especially cosmetics, are more convenient to open and take from the top. Based on the above reasons, this industry has launched a vertical cartoning machine; packaging items are loaded into the carton from the top, the so-called top loading. When consumers use it, they also open the carton from the top to take the product.
The cartoning machine in this example is a vertical structure. The cartoning machine is a continuous motion type. It has a continuous rotating suction cup to suck up the carton, open the carton, and put it into the circular running chain plate; On the chain plate, the leaflet is automatically sucked and stuffed into the open carton; then the items are loaded into the carton from the top, this machine can also equipped automatic feeding system to grab and put the items delivered by the front-end equipment into the carton. After the items are put into the carton, the machine automatically closes the carton and discharges the packaged finished product.
The operation video of the cartoning machine, please click the link below to watch: