High-performance alu-pvc-alu Blister Packaging Machine in motion

The packaging of medicines is the key to ensuring quality medicines. Defects in packaging will lead to medication failure or shorten the shelf life.
In blister packaging, PVC is widely used as thermoforming material. Because the barrier properties of PVC are not ideal, it cannot wholly block oxygen and moisture in the air, or in some particularly humid places, the defects of PVC will be more obvious. The solution to this problem is to use cold-formed aluminum instead of PVC. Still, although cold-formed aluminum has excellent barrier properties, it will cause difficulty in feeding (because the cold-formed film cannot be stretched vertically, so its cavity size is much larger than the drug size), Increase the problem of online camera inspection (because the aluminum film is opaque), resulting in reduced production efficiency.
To solve the above problems, this industry has introduced alu-pvc-alu blister packaging. Its principle is the blister packaging machine first performs the packaging of alu-pvc. Then, the blister packaging machine performs the second cold forming (using Tropical cold-forming aluminum film), sealing the previous PVC forming in the second cold forming. Its advantages are: the drug can be fed into the PVC thermoforming cavity with a universal feeder; pvc is transparent, so the online camera inspection is easy to operate; after the second cold forming seals the drug, it can reach nearly 100% barrier properties, thus provide excellent protection for pharmaceuticals.
The blister packaging machine of alu-pvc-alu in this example is a high-speed model, and one of the main factors limiting the speed of the blister machine is the sealing speed.
Therefore, on the blister packaging machine in this example, we use the rotary sealing style for the first alu-pvc seal to significantly improve the sealing speed; in the second alu-pvc-alu sealing, we adopt the large-area multi-plate platen sealing style, so that It has also achieved a substantial increase in equipment production capacity.
After the blister card is output by the blister packaging machine, the conveyor belt automatically sorts the blister cards into rows, which is convenient for the operator to take in batches.
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