A new generation of high-speed blister packaging machine

Jornen has launched a new generation of high-speed blister packaging machine.
Each machine station features an independent servo system, providing convenient production variety switching. This technology is the result of Jornen’s 30+ years of professional experience.
The blister packaging machine is divided into two layers to shorten its length. The forming station is located on the lower side of the feeding area, and the forming material is placed inside the device. The packaging material passes through the forming station to form the blisters, through a U-turn and enters the feeding area upwards. This allows more room for feeding and more space for installing an online camera inspection system after feeding.
Based on customer preferences, the blister packaging machine can be equipped with rotary or platen sealing styles. Rotary sealing can operate at high speeds but is not suitable for drugs with complex shapes. On the other hand, platen sealing is appropriate for pharmaceuticals with various forms, but its rate may be reduced. For more detailed information on the advantages and disadvantages of each sealing method, please refer to https://www.jornen.com/products/what-is-blister-packaging-machine/.
The blister packaging machine has an innovative design that combines embossing and perforation at one station, shortening the machine’s length. The mold can be easily fastened and positioned on the track during format changeover.
The blister packaging machine arranges punching stations vertically, shortening the machine’s length and making it easier to operate. The punched blister cards can be stacked horizontally for convenient batch retrieval. 
Suppose the blister needs to be connected to the cartoning machine. In that case, it can be equipped with a manipulator at the punching station to automatically grab blister cards and transfer them to the cartoning device.
All stations of the blister packaging machine adopt a cantilever structure, and the driving and operation areas are completely isolated to prevent cross-contamination (cross-contamination may contaminate the drug and cause serious consequences).
The molds of each station of the blister packaging machine can be replaced quickly, which is especially important in today’s multi-variety and small-batch production mode; frequent switching of production varieties leads to frequent replacement of molds, and the convenient mold replacement design can significantly reduce the replacement time. Increase productivity.
About the machine protective door: The protective door of the blister packaging machine is essential for the operator’s safety. Still, the protective door will also hinder the operation to a certain extent. Therefore, how to design a protective door with a good protection function and excellent ergonomics is an essential topic for engineers. The protective door of this blister packaging machine has a slide rail folding structure. When the machine is stopped, and the door is opened, all protective doors of the blister packaging machine can be folded to one side of the machine. This design is convenient and flexible to operate and has good ergonomics.
Click the link below to watch the operation video of this blister packaging machine: