Two bottles are packaged in a single carton on the pharmaceutical bottling line

Jornen supplied a pharmaceutical bottling line to a Fortune 500 company. The line includes an automatic bottle unscrambler, labeling machine, bottle diverting device, cartoning machine, strapping machine, and case packing machine.
First, we pour the medicine bottles into the storage barrel at will, and the medicine bottles in the storage barrel will be lifted automatically. The messy bottles are sorted in one direction and put into the conveyor belt during this process.
The conveyor belt transports the bottles to the labeling machine. After the labeling machine outputs the bottles, the bottles are divided into two paths by the diverting device.
Each of the two conveyor belts conveys the bottles to the cartoning machine. In the feeding part of the cartoning machine, there are two turn tables. They turn the bottle 180 degrees and then drop it into the material chain of the cartoning device. Each bucket on the material chain is loaded with two bottles. The two bottles are forwarded and pushed into the carton with the instruction sheet. The closure of the carton uses hot melt, which can offer better protection for the medicine bottle inside.
After the cartoning machine automatically outputs the carton, the system will perform dynamic online detection on the packaging, such as detecting insufficient drug content, missing instruction paper, etc. The system will automatically reject defective products to ensure drug safety and detect the product code on the packaging surface to ensure that the drug and package printing information is consistent.
Afterward, the carton is sent to the strapping machine, where the carton is bundled into groups. Finally, the bundled packages are transported to the case packer, where automatic sealing and tape are completed. Finally, the finished product is output, and the packaging of the whole line is completed.
For the video of the production line, please click the link below to watch