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Brief Description of pinhole detection in Blister Pack

Medicine packed in blister machine has different requirements for barrier for water and oxygen. Alu-alu blister pack is typically used

The application of polymer materials in pharmaceutical blister packages

Blister packages made of macromolecule polymer materials have increasing application in the market. In drug packages made of macromolecule polymer

Application of PVC & PVC/PE composite films in blister package

Blister Packaging Machines for pharmaceutical industry mostly use PVC plastic films as forming materials. The principal advantages of PVC are

The selection of stainless steel for pharmaceutical equipment

Although the pharmaceutical industry has implemented GMP for many years and its application has also been quite mature, but some

Green packaging in pharmaceutiacl industry

In the global economic and industrial system, the concepts of “zero packaging”, “simple packaging” and “green packaging” led by packaging

The application of robots in the pharmaceutical industry

China became the world’s largest robot market in 2013. 2015 saw an increase of 76,000 industrial robots in China, up

The sealing effect of Blister Pack

Usage of blister packages for solid dosage is now a common practice in pharmaceutical industry. Chinese State Pharmaceutical Administration had

Development Trends of Blister Packaging Equipment

The current trend of automation shows that packaging automation is not just a campaign or logic concept; it involves the

The importance of machine vision technology in pharmaceutical industry

Food safety matters a great deal while pharmaceutical safety is a matter of life and death. Pharmaceutical detection is intended

A Brief History of the Blister Pack

For well over four decades, the blister pack has offered acost-effective and practical method of delivering unit dose packaging. It

Blistering and cartoning solution for vials or ampoules

This is a blistering and cartoning solution for vials or ampoules. The Blister Line contains a Blister Machine and Cartoning

Cartoning Machine for bottles and vials in hot-melt closure

This solution contains two Cartoning Machine, the first Cartoning Machine is a continuous motion cartoning machine, it inserts the bottles