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Combine a line with blistering, cartoning, stretch banding, and case packing.

A well-known pharmaceutical company received a fully enclosed blister line from Jornen, which was custom-made for them. The blister line

A specialized blister line that caters to parenteral products

Jornen has recently launched a new blister packaging line specifically designed for parenteral products. The blister packaging machine’s PVC boasts

We are thrilled to share with you our newest platen-style blister packaging machine

Jornen has established itself as a pioneer in the development of Blister machines. The company’s founder began developing the platen-style

Two Blister Pack Inspection Systems to guarantee the packaging’s quality

Making sure that medicines are safe is essential for maintaining good health and potentially saving lives. As a result, integrating

Syringe blister pack with automatic feeding system

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a growing trend towards pre-filled Parenteral Products and blister packaging. Due to their timely availability,

A cartoning packaging with a combination of tuck-in and hot-melt closure

This cartoning machine is designed to package sachets. It features two rotary pick-up devices that suck the sachets from the

Our packaging line is tailor-made for packing oral liquid products with ease and efficiency

Jornen has recently supplied a cartoning packaging line for oral liquid products. The packaging line integrates bottle labeling, a turntable,

Packaging solutions for high protection against moisture, oxygen & light

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and packaging ensures product safety and efficacy. Packaging serves as a barrier against external

The line has Bottle counting, labeling, a cartoner, and an overwrapper

Our recent provision of a bottle packaging line to a pharmaceutical company has been progressing well. The line has Bottle

Providing Blister Lines To The World’s Top 500 Pharmaceutical Companies

Sinopharm Group is a leading enterprise that prioritizes life and health. With over 210,000 employees, it is a comprehensive medical

See Our Blister Packaging Line In Action With A Synchronized Motion Feeder

One of China’s most prestigious pharmaceutical companies has recently received a high-speed blister packaging line from Jornen. This blister line

Make Your Vial Packaging Process Easier With A Cartoning Machine

In the pharmaceutical industry, the cartoning machine plays a critical role in packaging various items such as blister cards, vials,