Looking For A Mini Blister Machine? Check Out The BMP100

Jornen, as a professional manufacturer of blister equipment, has been in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry for 37 years. We provide high-quality blister machines for pharmaceutical and healthcare products factories worldwide.
We offer a wide range of blister packaging machines to meet output requirements. Our series of machines vary in production capacity, from 25 to 600 blister cards per minute. Additionally, our machines can handle packaging materials ranging from 80cm to 700cm in width and can form blisters for not only ordinary capsules and tablets but also deeper blister packs for parenteral products.
Today we will introduce a Jornen mini blister packaging machine: BMP100. The machine has a small volume of 1900*717*1383mm, making it suitable for small pharmaceutical cleaning rooms or laboratories with low-volume packaging needs. It can produce 25 punches per minute for thermoforming and 15 punches per minute for cold forming, with a maximum packaging material width of 100cm.
Each station of the blister packaging machine has an independent driving system. If your blister cards come in different sizes, you need to adjust the position of each station when replacing the mold. In this machine, the stations are independent, making adjustment easy, and each station has a handwheel with a digital display for position marking.
Each station of the blister machine features a cantilever structure that isolates the driving and operation areas to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, daily cleaning and maintenance are made easier.
Suppose you frequently replace multiple varieties, this machine has great advantages. The molds of each station can be replaced without tools, making it effortless and reducing downtime. Operating the blister machine is also straightforward and does not require professional mechanical technicians.
Optional semi-closed and fully closed doors are available for safe production. The semi-closed doors cover the area from sealing to punching, while the fully closed doors cover all from forming to punching, according to customer requirements.
Want to see the blister machine in action? Click the link below: