Focus on Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Equipment for 37 Years

In 1986, during China’s reform and opening up, a man from a poor family in the countryside decided to create a blister packaging machine in China after learning that the Chinese pharmaceutical industry wanted to use this process. At that time, medicines were bottled by hand as the concept of blister packaging technology was not yet widespread. Importing such equipment from Europe was costly, and few domestic pharmaceutical companies could afford it. Despite this, he believed in the potential of his idea and devoted all his energy to developing the blister packaging machine.
After three years of hard work, Mr. Yang Yijun successfully launched China’s first platen-type blister packaging machine in 1989. Despite facing challenges such as limited facilities, funds, and weak technology, he established Jornen Machinery. Fortunately, Jornen was able to secure a spot in the market, and the company gained attention from the pharmaceutical industry.
In 1989, at the National Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair, Jornen’s blister machine caught the eye of Mr. Cheng Linxing, the technical director of Shanghai Xinyi Pharmaceutical Factory. He purchased two sets in 1990 and 1992. At that time in China, it was remarkable for a state-owned industry giant to buy equipment from a small private factory.
Jornen brought the first generation of platen-style blister machines to the fair in 1990, and it was a hit. The prototype was sold on-site, and more pharmaceutical companies extended an olive branch to Jornen.
As the pharmaceutical machinery industry market began to form In China, Jornen continued to grow. In the early 2000s, Jornen built a new industrial base in Shanghai and became a leading pharmaceutical solid preparation equipment company. The products exhibited at the Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo in 2003 covered almost all aspects of solid preparations, and market sales exceeded 100 million.
Today, Jornen has provided equipment and services for thousands of pharmaceutical companies worldwide. In 2020, Jornen launched a blister-pillow pack-cartooning high-speed production line that reaches international high-end standards in terms of automation and product appearance.
For almost four decades, Jornen has remained dedicated to entrepreneurship, spanning two generations. We often reflect on the value of our work during our free time. Although our company is small compared to those valued in the tens of billions, our mission as a medical equipment manufacturer is significant and cannot be ignored.
Our products used to be crude 30 years ago, but we have transformed them significantly through innovation and hard work. Today, our products not only meet domestic standards but are also exported worldwide. We take pride in the fact that Jornen’s persistent efforts have produced a significant number of cost-effective, practical, and high-performance blister equipment. Without us, the cost of China’s pharmaceutical blister packaging “GMP” transformation would have been unimaginable, and the pace of transformation would be slower. This would have increased medical expenses for the Chinese people.
Looking ahead, there is still a long way to go, but Jornen will persevere in promoting the spirit of craftsmanship and continue contributing to public health.
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