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A Brief History of the Blister Pack

For well over four decades, the blister pack has offered acost-effective and practical method of delivering unit dose packaging. It

Blistering and cartoning solution for vials or ampoules

This is a blistering and cartoning solution for vials or ampoules. The Blister Line contains a Blister Machine and Cartoning

Cartoning Machine for bottles and vials in hot-melt closure

This solution contains two Cartoning Machine, the first Cartoning Machine is a continuous motion cartoning machine, it inserts the bottles

Hot-melt cartoning for the packaging of stickpacks

This line combined with Stickpack Machine and Cartoning Machine, it is a solution of Cartoning Machine for packaging of multiple

The development of the Blister Machine in China

Entrusted by Chen Husheng, Secretary General of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment (CAPE), I would like to talk about the

Impressions of Vietnam:

I was a bit shocked by the looks of the border checkpoint officers, who dressed in green military uniforms, in

Cartoning Machine for cosmetic

In cosmetics industry, the products is exquisitely designed, the packaging for cosmetics considers not only the protection for the cosmetic

A line integrates pillow packing, cartoning and overwrapping

This line is combined with pillow packing machine, cartoning machine and overwrapper; The blister cards are loaded in magazine in

Blister inspection system after blister cutting

Quality assurance of packaged products is of critical importance in the pharmaceutical industry since incorrectly packaged or damaged products may

A line integrates blister, cartoning, weighing and Stretch-Banding

Jornen provided a line to a pharma, this blister packaging line integrated Blister Packaging Machine, Cartonigng Machine, Weighing Machine and


EXPO PACK INTERNATIONAL 2018 was held in Chicago, USA during 14-17 October 2018 and welcomed a great amount of visitors

A Line Combined With Two Cartoning Machines

A Line Combined With Two Cartoning MachinesThis packaging line combines the Blister Packaging Machine, a Pillow Packing Machine and two