This Blister Line’s Unique Bullet Train Design Is Very Eye-catching

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is evolving rapidly to meet the growing demand for reduced batch volumes and increased variations. This trend has led to more frequent format changeovers and cleaning, which has created a need for innovative solutions. This blister packaging line is our response to this market need, which combines a platen-style blister unit, robot connection, and intermittent cartoning unit.

The Blister Line is compact, only seven meters long, and can be installed in small production spaces. The toolless size-changing feature of the machine increases production times and reduces idle times, making it a highly efficient solution. Its unique bullet train shape makes it eye-catching, and the complete safe cover door ensures safe operation.

At Interpack 2023 in Germany, we showcased this Blister Line and received many compliments from customers and European counterparts. Some even said that it was the most special machine in the exhibition. This innovation is a testament to the industry’s commitment to meeting the market’s needs and delivering efficient, safe, visually appealing solutions.

As the demand for pharmaceutical packaging systems continues to grow, manufacturers must stay ahead by developing innovative solutions that meet the market’s changing needs. This Blister Packaging Line is an excellent example of this, and we can expect to see more future innovations designed to meet the evolving demands of the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
The videos of this line are available at: