Looking For A Blister Packaging Line That Can Handle Mass Production? Check Out Our 500P Model

The pharmaceutical industry has become increasingly important to national economies worldwide, particularly in light of the pandemic. It has become clear that countries cannot rely solely on other nations for their medication needs, and this industry plays a crucial role in sustaining many nations’ livelihoods. Blister packaging is one of the most sought-after solutions in this industry, and Jornen’s launch of a high-speed blister packaging line is a game-changer for mass production. This is a significant achievement for the industry and will assist companies in meeting the growing demand for their products.

The vertical partition in the blister packaging machine that separates the drive section from the operating zones is a significant innovation that makes it easy to clean and maintain. This feature is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, where hygiene is a top priority. The easy-to-clean design also helps to reduce downtime, which is essential for mass production.

The quick plug-and-play format changes feature is another innovation that sets your blister packaging line apart from others in the market. Switching between different packaging formats quickly is essential in the pharmaceutical industry, where various products require different packaging formats.

Integrating a pillow packing unit after the blistering unit is another significant innovation that adds value to your blister packaging line. The laminated film used to seal the plastic thermoforming blister package offers a nearly complete barrier for water, light, and oxygen, allowing for an extended product expiration date. This feature is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry, where product efficacy and safety are critical.

Finally, the rotary robot used in the connection unit between the pillow packing and the cartoning machine is an innovation that ensures high-speed packing and efficiency. This feature is crucial in mass production, where speed and efficiency are essential in meeting production targets.
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