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Strip Packing Machine connect with Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine can cartoning for not only blister cards but also strip pack, sachet pack and stick pack etc. In

High Speed Blister Machine running in pharma

This is continuous motion Blister Packaging Machine running in pharmaceutical factory, the Blister Machine’s feeder adopt vacuum device that can load medicine

Cartoner equipped with Unscrambler for tube packaging

Jornen provided a tube cartoning solution for a pharma, this packaging process include Cartoning Machine, Tube Unscrambler, Directional Conveyor and Tube

Jornen displayed Blister Packaging Line in Achema 2018

Achema 2018 was held in Frankfurt, Germany during 11-15 June 2018 and welcomed a great amount of visitors from all

Customer from Thailand came to accept the Blister Packaging Machine

On July 20, 2017, a Thailand food processing company ordered two sets of Blister Packaging Machines from Jornen for the vacuum packaging

Cartoner integrated with Blister Machine & Labeller

Cartoning Machine ZH150 integrated with Blister Machine and Labeling Machine. In this Blister and Cartoning Line, the vials are labeled

Study of Blister Machine’s sealing

Usage of blister packages for solid dosage is now a common practice in pharmaceutical industry. Chinese State Pharmaceutical Administration had

Application Research of Replacing PVC Films in Blister Package with PVC/PE Composite Films

Nowadays, medicine blister packaging machines mostly use PVC plastic films as packaging materials. The principal advantages of PVC are the

Selection of Stainless Steel for Pharmaceutical Equipment

Although the pharmaceutical industry has implemented GMP for many years and its application has also been quite mature, but some

Development Trends of Blister Packaging Machine

The Blister Packaging Machine, a kind of commonly used pharmaceutical packaging equipment, is widely used for pharmaceutical packaging. This paper will

The trend of green pharmaceutical packaging

In the global economic and industrial system, the concepts of “zero packaging”, “simple packaging” and “green packaging” led by packaging

The application of robots in the pharmaceutical industry

The application of robots in the pharmaceutical industry China became the world’s largest robot market in 2013. 2015 saw an