A line combined with Blistering, pillow packing, Cartoning and Stretch Banding

A high-speed line combined with Blistering, pillow packing, Cartoning, and Stretch Banding
Servo-regulated Blister Packaging Line integrating high-speed blister packaging machine, high-speed pillow packing machine, high-speed cartoning machine and stretch banding machine. Thanks to the precise servo technology and accurate control system, assure the stability of high running speed. this Blister Packaging Line is Jornen’s innovative response to the need for high efficiency and low-cost operation, flexibility, and maximum productivity for mass production.

Blister Machine unit:
> In the blister unit when the first reel’s film runs out in the blister module, it can automatically connect with the second without interruption to the machine (optional).
> Equipped with an integrated forming material splicer and lidding material quick-lock mechanism, enhancing the efficiency of packaging material replacement.
> Adopt quick plug & play format locking and positioning design, achieves straightforward format changeover.
> Jornen offers a wide selection of feeding systems to handle the various type of pharmaceutical products. Tablets, capsules, ampoules, vials and syringes etc.
Track feeder: for flat tablets, capsules and oblongs.
Universal brush box feeder: format parts are not required.
Chute feeder: feed flat tablets, capsules into the aluminum blisters.
Tube feeder: fill the entire index every time, suitable both for intermittent or continuous motion Blister Packaging Machine, suitable both for PCV/ Alu and Alu/Alu blisters.
Robot feeder: directly places ampoules, vials and syringes in the formed web.
> Adopt rotary sealing, dwell time for sealing is shorter (compared with platen sealing), thus the hot air getting into the blister pockets is reduced. Reduced wrinkles due to linear contact sealing.
> Integrated product inspection system with a color camera can reject faulty blisters automatically
> The indexing system adopts a precise servo motor to achieve stable, accurate running. The blister length can be set freely through Touch Screen User Interface, which reduces the time for a format changeover.
> The punching station can adopt crossing type, the trimming waste is about 1mm between two blisters; it can save more material.
> The connection unit between the blister machine and pillow packing machine adopts a servo-regulated robot, the robot moving synchronously with upper and down units, pick up the blister cards and directly places them in the strip packing machine’s bucket.
The pillow package unit:
> This line integrated a pillow packing unit after the blistering unit, to allow the plastic thermoforming blister package to be sealed again by laminated film that offers a nearly complete barrier for water, light, and oxygen, allowing an extended product expiration date.
> The pillow packing unit adopts reciprocating transverse sealing device, compared with two sets of fin roller sealing (conventional pillow pack), the dwell time of sealing is prolonged thus the sealing quality is increased significantly.
> After pillow packing, a high-speed servo-regulated rotary transfer system picks up the pillow package and transfer to the cartoning unit in continuous motion way.
The cartoner unit:
> The cartoning machine is truly ergonomic thanks to the innovative design whereby the product inserting device is placed at the rear; The conventional cartoning machine’s inserting device is placed at the front side, where it protrudes from the operation side and is less ergonomic.
> The cartoner module can equipped a servo-regulated robot that can automatically load cartons when the carton magazine is low (optional).
> The whole line adopts cantilever (balcony type) layout, to separate the drive section (rear) from the operating zones (front) are in compliance with pharmaceutical GMP requirements.
> All the main parts are made of premium stainless steel and alu-alloy material and machined by advanced high-precision CNC tooling machines.
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