Blister packaging machine enquiry from Malaysia

I interested to your product of Automated Blistering Machine for the pharmaceutical industry. May I know a detail of the machine and it’s follow with my requirement: 1. The Blister Machine shall be working with automatic operation and automatic feeding. 2. The Blister Machine shall recover the tablet and capsule perfectly from all types of blister packaging. 3. The Blister Machine’s design shall be compact and portable. 4. The Blister Machine’s production output shall be a minimum of 35 blister or tablets per minute. 5. The Blister Machine shall follow cGMP-design of machine to ensure easy cleaning 6. The Blister Machine shall compatible with our blister packaging sizes 7. Blister Machine shall be constructed using stainless steel 304 and aluminium and ABS Food Grade for all product contact areas. 8. The Blister machine shall be compatible with all types of blister packaging without require any change parts. 9. The Blister machine shall provide the PLC with modem features and software recovery disk. 10. The Blister machine shall be equipped with touch screen/ HMI controls control system must be able accessed via computer using a secure user ID and password (at least 3 level passwords). 11. The Blister Machine shall be designed with two separate chutes for products and waste materials. 12. The Blister Machine shall be suitable with the packaging material that is currently used. I hope your machine can meet the requirement above. Can you also prepare a quotation for a unit price of the machine and the delivery time (duration) of the transportation.