Customer from Thailand came to accept the Blister Packaging Machine

On July 20, 2017, a Thailand food processing company ordered two sets of Blister Packaging Machines from Jornen for the vacuum packaging of corn. After two-month manufacturing, the customer brought the corn to our company for performing the simulated production test over these two sets of Blister Packaging Machines on October 22, 2017. However, during the test, we have found the following problems: 1. The length and diameter of the corn brought by the customer for the test are larger than that of the corn at the time of executing the contract by about 5mm, making the dimension of formed bubbling cap in the Blister Packaging Machine not sufficiently large. During the heat sealing, water in the corn slops over to the heat sealing surface by vacuum, making the heat sealing surface improper and generating the wrinkles. However, the mold drawing provided by us to the customers for confirmation does not indicate the size of the packaged goods. Therefore, all the responsibilities will be borne by us. 2. The customer has four sets of molds. Among these, three sets of molds do not have any problem, but the last set of mold is rejected by the customer, due to the wrinkles. 4. The rate specified in the contract is 7 times/minute, but such rate can only reach 6 times/minute during the test. Solutions: 1. Ask the customer to provide the corn dimension and make the molds again. 2. We will endeavor to improve the machine speed. Other problems: 1. Customer is urgent about the production and wants to have one set of machine delivered firstly, which will result in the additional expenses. We have talked about this with customer and are waiting for its confirmation. 2. The customer replied that, once this set of mold completes the debugging, they would come here to test again. Our problems: Firstly, we do not indicate the dimension of corn brought by the customer previously on the drawing for the confirmation by the customer, thereby resulting in the disputes subsequently.  Secondly, with regard to 3 sets of molds passing the test, its formed dimension is also small. We should pay attention to this in the future.The video of the Blister Packaging Machine packs for corn at: