Blister Packaging Line service for a Venezuelan customer

Blister packaging line service for Venezuelan customer

Text content:
Machine User: Jose Dinro
Product Name and Model: Blister Machine DPP260 – Cartoning Machine ZH220
Service Technician: Cao shunyong & Xie qianjian
Service Duration: 10 days
Are all the safety alarm plates (board, panel) on this blister machine as noted as on the Operation Manual?
Any advice for the safety alarm plates?
Are they adequate?
Did our service engineer provide safety operation training according to the “safety operation rules of the blister machine and Cartoning Machine?
Any advice for the safety training?
Yes, Training to operational personal
Were any parts changed during this service?
After training, did the machine’s operator run the machine independently?
Your evaluation of the maintenance and fault handling during this service?
Your comments on the quality of service performed by our service engineer.
Very good service and personal relationship.
Please place “√” in the appropriate blanks according to his performance
Skill: Perfect
Attitude: Perfect
Your evaluation or suggestions about this Blister Machine and Cartoning Machine:

Date: 21/01/2019