A new generation of high-speed blister packaging machine

Jornen has launched a new generation of high-speed blister packaging machine. Each machine station features an independent servo system, providing

High-performance alu-pvc-alu Blister Packaging Machine in motion

The packaging of medicines is the key to ensuring quality medicines. Defects in packaging will lead to medication failure or

Two bottles are packaged in a single carton on the pharmaceutical bottling line

Jornen supplied a pharmaceutical bottling line to a Fortune 500 company. The line includes an automatic bottle unscrambler, labeling machine,

Get Your Packaging Line Moving With A Bottle Unscrambler

This pharmaceutical packaging line has a bottle unscrambler, labeling unit, and cartoning machine. The innovative design allows for the easy

Canadian customers came to test the blister machine and cartoner
Line includes Blistering, Pillow-packing, Cartoning and Overwrapping

The efficient and streamlined procedure of blistering, pillow-packing, cartoning, and overwrapping

This blister packaging system comprises a rotary-style blister machine, a reciprocating sealing pillow packaging machine, a cartoning machine with high-speed

Focus on Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Equipment for 37 Years

In 1986, during China’s reform and opening up, a man from a poor family in the countryside decided to create

Looking to pack several sachets into one carton? Find the solution here

The cartoning machine is a frequently used equipment in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Its flexibility is a major advantage, as

Looking For A Mini Blister Machine? Check Out The BMP100

Jornen, as a professional manufacturer of blister equipment, has been in the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry for 37 years. We

Combine a line with blistering, cartoning, stretch banding, and case packing.

A well-known pharmaceutical company received a fully enclosed blister line from Jornen, which was custom-made for them. The blister line

A specialized blister line that caters to parenteral products

Jornen has recently launched a new blister packaging line specifically designed for parenteral products. The blister packaging machine’s PVC boasts