A line integrates pillow packing, cartoning and overwrapping

This line is combined with pillow packing machine, cartoning machine and overwrapper; The blister cards are loaded in magazine in the pillow packing machine manually, the pillow pack can significantly enhances the barrier for water, light and oxygen, allowing an extended product expiration date. After pillow packing, the sachets are guided by a servo motor and divided into two lanes. The convey transfer the sachets to the cartonring machine. After cartoning, the closed cartons are transferred by a conveyor to the overwrapper, the overwrapper then stacks the cartons in bundles, tightly wraps them in film leaving excess material at either end. The excess film at the ends of the bundle, is then folded and sealed. All-around sealing further enhances moisture-proofing of the product.
The video of this line:

blistering, pillow packing, cartoning and overwrapping