Blister inspection system after blister cutting

Quality assurance of packaged products is of critical importance in the pharmaceutical industry since incorrectly packaged or damaged products may result in expensive manufacturer recalls or potentially fatal accidents. Because of this, tablets packaged in blister packaging need to be inspected carefully for defects, now it is quite common to equip a camera inspection system before sealing station to inspect defects such as the wrong color, size, whether the tablets are broken or chipped and whether there are any empty pockets in the blister packaging itself (called before sealing defects)
But after sealing the sealed webbing may also have some defects, such as sealing wrinkle; unclear sealing grid linear (rotary sealing Blister Machine) or unclear sealing dot (platen sealing Blister Machine); crushed or damaged tablet in pocket that is caused by incorrect sealing position; human hair or similar thing is sealed between lidding and forming material; unclear embossed letters and/or numbers; no embossing, incorrect embossing position; incorrect cutting position, etc. (called after cutting defects)
This Blister Packaging Line is equipped two inspection systems, before sealing and after cutting, the former inspect for before sealing defects, the latter inspect for after cutting defects, the video of this line is available at: