Blister Machine BMP270-Cartoner ZH150 in pharma

Recently, Jornen provided a blister packaging line to a Vietnamese customer, this line is combination of Blister Packaging Machine BMP270 and Cartoning Machine ZH150.
The blister machine BMP270 is our latest platen style blister machine, it features balcony structure design, straightforward blister tooling changeover and thanks to its truly innovative design, the blister machine BMP270 achieved high speed and high output that rival with high speed rotary style blister machine, the goal of running the platen style blister machine at high speed have archived.
For convenient daily cleaning, maintenance of pharmaceutical GMP regulation, the blister machine BMP270 adopts cantilever structure in operation zone, the driving zone is on the back of the machine and completely separated from operating zone at the front, thus avoiding cross-contamination.
Conventionally, blister machine of platen-sealing style can not archive large sealing area, thus limites the punching speed compared with rotary-sealing blister machine, but the blister machine BMP270 adopts a unique designs that fullfilled a large sealing area.
The opening and closing of each station is controlled by the connecting-rod gear, of which a connecting rod pushes or pulls the toggle to handle the mold’s opening and closing. When the cam (input force) drives the connecting rod to pull the toggle almost 180° straight up, the toggle can generate the output force vertically upward that is multiple times greater than the input force. This innovative structure has significantly reduced the operating pressure of the cams, rollers, and its greater output capacity can easily withstand several times the forming and sealing area of the original DPP260 models can support, thus the punching speed and capacity are multiplied.
These days, the pharmaceutical packaging system must fulfill this market requirement: the volumes of packaging batches are decreasing and the number of product variations is increasing, this leads to frequent format change-overs and cleaning, blister machine BMP270’s ergonomic design incorporates plug-and-play devices for straightforward tooling changeover and cleaning. During the format changeover, every station can be open easily for conveniently taking the old molds and pluging the new one.
Blister Machine BMP270 offering high levels of automation with servo and automated controls to ensure high speed operation precisely, the speed ratio between sealing and punching can be set through HMI.
In this blister pack solution, each carton loads multiple blister cards, the maximum reachs up to 10 blister cards in one carton; The transition unit adopts precise servo and automation, after punching, the blister cards are transferred to a magazine, the blister cards then are counted and feeded onto a bucker conveyor, 10 blister cards are stacked in each bucker, the bucker conveyor move forward and turns 90 degrees, moving the blister cards into a vertical position, from here a inserter device pushs the bundle of blister cards into the cartoning machine’s conveyor; Then the blister cards moves forward together with the leaflet, after inserting, embossing and closing, the finial products are discharged.
The video of this blister packaging line is available at: