Blister Machine for chocolate package

Blister pack is not only popular for pharmaceutical products but also widely used in food industry, such as packaging of chocolate, honey, cheese and jam, etc.
In this solution, we provided a blister machine for chocolate product, the blister feeder contains a hopper and Pneumatic plunger pump, the hopper adopts double jacketed heating function, it can preserve a certain temperature to ensure the liquidity of chocolate, the heating medium between the double jacket is water, the maximum temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, so the chocolate would nerve be overheated or burned; Inside the hopper equipped a agitator to stir the chocolate evenly, in this way, the chocolate is available to be fed at any time, such as after lunch break or any down time. In order to provide high feeding accuracy, this blister machine adopts plunger pump, the piston draws such amount of chocolate into the chamber then pushes them into the blister pockets smoothly, freely and accurately.
With the CNC tooling technology, the blister cavity can be made into almost any shapes, during the blister forming, the plastic shell is air pressure-formed around a mold; After the chocolate is fed into the blister pockets, it cooled and be rigid again, the chocolate products maintains its shape that is same as the mold, such as cartoon figures Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig and Hello Kitty, etc. The consumer can visually examine the vivid carton figure product through the transparent plastic, making the products more appealing, especially for children.
Consumers are requiring more information than ever about the product, add more information about the products is always important for marketing. The lidding foil on the back side of the blister card provides an ideal surface for printing, the colorful and exquisitely designed pattern would vividly show off your products advantage to customer.
The video of this machine is available at:

Blister packaging of chocolate