Blister is damaged by the Sealing Mold?

The formed blister cannot be placed accurately into the cavity of the Sealing Mold (platen type Blister Machine)

1. Material Drag System of the Blister Machine dose not work properly. 1. Measure and match the length of waste material, if the length difference between the waste materials is more than one millimeter, please consult our after sales service staff.

2.The distance between the Forming Station and the Sealing Station is not correct. 2.Turn movement handle of the Forming Station or the Sealing Station to adjust the distance.

3.The Orientation Tracks between the forming station and sealing station are not adjusted properly.

3. Adjust the track again.

4.Forming Mold and Sealing Mold are not cooled properly. 4.Increase the flux of the Water Chiller or lower the temperature.