Hot-melt cartoning for the packaging of stickpacks

This line combined with Stickpack Machine and Cartoning Machine, it is a solution of Cartoning Machine for packaging of multiple groups of stickpack or sachets.
The stickpacks are transferred by a conveyer towards to the Cartoning Machine. A pusher then insert the groups of stickpack into conveyor chain in the Cartoning Machine, at the end of this conveyor, the inserter device in the cartoning machine pushs one group of stickpacks into a interim storage magazine, the interim storage magazine has double-decker room, the first push places the first group of stickpacks into the first decker, after the inserter device move back, the interim storage magazine move upward, so the next group of stickpacks were pushed into second decker, then the inserter device push forward, inserts the two groups of stickpacks together into the carton. This Cartoning Machine adopts hot-melt closure.
The video of this line is available at:

Hot-melt cartoning Machine