A line integrates blister, cartoning, weighing and Stretch-Banding

Jornen provided a line to a pharma, this blister packaging line integrated Blister Packaging Machine, Cartonigng Machine, Weighing Machine and Stretch-Banding Machine. In the alu-alu blister packaging, the blister feeder adopts brush-track style, a brush feeds the tablets into the cavity on the track, the track then move synchronize with moving webbing and places the tables into blister cavities; The connection between the Blister Machine and Cartoning Machine adopts conveyor belt, so it is easy to separate the Blister Mahcine (in cleaing room) and Cartoning Machine (non-cleaning room) by a partition; The Caroning Machine is intermittent motion style but can runs faster than the traditional intermittent Cartoning Machine thanks to adopting continuous motion cartons pick-up device and continuous motion blister conveyor chain; After cartoning the closed carton then be weighted by a weighing machine, faulty cartons, such as without blister cards or leaflet inside will be rejected automatically; After weighing a conveyor then stacks the cartons in bundles, finally the Stretch-Banding Machine tightly wrapped them in plastic film.
The video of this blister packaging line is available at: