Conference for Wenzhou Civilized Units

Fellow leaders, on behalf of Jiangnan Enterprise, I now present you brief report on the enterprise basic information:
Jiangnan Enterprise started to develop Blister Packing Machine , our leading product, since 1985, and the first generation product was introduced in 1989 (registering “Jiangnan Enterprise” at the same year). With the joint efforts of two generations of Jiangnan Enterprise People, the product has been upgraded to sixth generation, with 9 national patents obtained. Meanwhile, we focus on innovative design based on technology introduction and assimilation, and introduced high-tech products badly needed for the “GMP” reform in the pharmaceutical industry. For the present, six products gained provincial new product identification and one for national new product identification, which rapidly drives scale effect. This is the way Jiangnan Enterprise makes its contribution to China’s economy development.

Our products have been distributed to China, Middle East, South Africa, Australia, America, Southeast Asia, U.S. and developed countries in Europe, with sales volume occupying the front row among the peers worldwide.

Owing to intensified internal management and focus on after-sales service, and public statement that no Jiangnan Enterprise equipment is left unused for quality issue which makes Jiangnan Enterprise a quality-complaint-free enterprise, Jiangnan Enterprise acquires favorable word-of-mouth at home and abroad, consequently improves its enterprise recognition and awareness.

Growing enterprise scale is accompanied with doubled sales for years in a row, in 1999, total sales is RMB 19 million, in the 2000, the figure is over RMB 30 million, while the figure for January to July this year is approaching RMB 30 million.

Jiangnan Enterprise passed ISO9001 Quality Management Certification in 1999, and was listed as Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise, Ruian Three-star Enterprise, and AAA Credit Rating Enterprise in 2000. Meanwhile, Jiangnan Enterprise has been awarded the title of “Large Taxpayer” consecutively since 1996.

Success comes from progressive corporate culture and ideology
Jiangnan Enterprise’s success is closely connected to the strong support from the government. On the other hand, the company leading group makes joint efforts and focuses on the cultural and ideological progress in the enterprise:
I. To beautify environment and create favorable working condition for the employees. Green plant project is carried to every corner and helps Jiangnan Enterprise win the “Advanced Corporation for Greening in Zhejiang” in 1995.
II. We regularly carry out professional knowledge training for the employees, and direct the labor union to organize all kinds of recreational and sports activities, so as to enrich the spare time cultural lives of the employees. Especially for the Labor’s Day, Youth Day and Women’s Day, special funds are allocated, same goes for all the activities organized by the labor unions at the city and town level.
III. To care the lives of employees: the labor union would represent the company to visit those employees to congratulate to their marriage, child birth, and house warming. Any employee suffering disease and living difficulty would be specially taken care of and subsidized economically.
IV. We lay emphasis on the law and moral education which enables all employees to consciously observe the law. Since its establishment in 1989, early marriage, children born in excess of birth control plan, theft, drug taking, gang war and other illegal phenomenon have never happened in Jiangnan Enterprise.
V. We strive to complete the construction of political parties and other organization. In the progress of strengthening civilized production management, party members and league members should stand out as example to meticulously follow scale operation and safety production, which primary eliminates potential accidents.
With the above works done, which create a stable working environment for the employees and arouse their professional dedication and love for Jiangnan Enterprise, the company is united as one, and could develop and expand in fierce market competition.
Soaring sales multiple the production tasks, meanwhile, the limited conditions crowds the production field, therefore, we face great difficulty in field management. Although effective measures have been taken to relieve the situation, we want extra helps from the government to assist us in solving the problem.
I believe that, with the completion of new plant in Shanghai, and the 60 mu industrial land application filed to Ruian Economic Development Zone, we would welcome the next examination with brand-new outlook.
Yang Yijun
August 22, 2001