PharmTech 2013

 PharmTech, established over 15 years ago by ITE Group U.K., is the only show dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and CIS, where the latest products, technologies and techniques for pharmaceutical production are on display. This event takes place once a year and enjoys a well deserved excellent reputation. PharmTech 2013 was held at VVC International Expo Center in Moscow from November 25 – 28. Our business partner in Russia exhibited the DPP150 Blister Machine on our behalf, and I had a chance to attend this grand event. Compared with CIPM China which happens twice a year, the scale of PharmTech is much smaller. However the exhibition hall is conveniently arranged with a balance of different-sized booths, and passages that allow visitors easy accessibility. Most exhibitors were from Europe, including renowned manufacturers such as Uhlmann, Mediseal and Romaco who demonstrated the Blister MachineCartoner and Sachet Packaging Machine. Although their booths were not large, their displays were colorful and distinctive. The exhibited machines were mostly for small or medium batch production. The workmanship was excellent. Some laboratory models such as the semi-automatic blister machine, the counting machine for individual bottles and the single-punch capsule filling machine, I saw for the first time. Such mini-type machines are said to also be popular in Europe, which is quite inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, strolling leisurely along thick red carpets, and taking in all the sights and sounds. I wondered, “are these remarkable products machinery or are they works of art? Are those ladies simply adept professionals or are they supermodels, captivating all who glance their way?” As I studied the dizzying array of mechanical maneuvers in the LED screens, I wondered what kind of people are their creators? It is said that they are extremely rigorous and rigid, but how can rigid minds be so powerful and unconstrained in imagination? So many paradoxes.Europe, as it seems to me, is exactly a masterpiece by God. 

 Jack Yang2013/12/8