The latest plate-type DPP-250 Blister Packing Machine

In recent years when Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. enlarges its production scale and keeps developing new products, it keeps further improving and promoting it knock-out product, plate type Blister Packing Machine

The latest plate-type DPP-250 Blister Packing Machine has the features of frequency control and alterable size, so as to solve the problem of the former DGB-250 Blister Packing Machine. The operating speed is increased from 30 (stroke/min) to 40 (stroke/min). The heat seal of air cushion is adopted to replace belleville spring to buffer, avoiding overloading damage of components and prolonging its service life.

On the basis of imported technologies, new using functions are added into the new product, double aluminum packing machine. The machine is used in units concerned in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ji’nan and other cities. The performance is proved to be good. Moreover, it won the golden award of “8th National New Technologies and New Products Expo” hosted by State Scientific and Technological Commission.

High-efficient Film Coating Machine, developed since 1992 and passing provincial identification in 1995, won the golden award of “1995 International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo” and was listed into “State-level New Product” in 1996. It is highly praised by the using unit for the company’s high standard requirement for key bought-in components like air pump, spray gun and nozzle, strict check for every process and reliable performance. At present, the product has been sold to about a dozen of provinces and municipalities in China and has been exported to Southeast Asia.

I asked Yang Yijun, the general manager, “What’s your goal in 1997?” He answered, “We pursue keeping progress every year rather than making a great coup. Moreover, we are striving for realizing collectivization in five years.”

(Excerpted from Pharmaceutical Machinery News on Dec 28, 1996 Author: Tian Xiao)