Visit Jornen at interpack 2014, Düsseldorf

 Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd. will attend the interpack in Düsseldorf in May 2014. At Stand G14-10 in Hall 8a we will demonstrate our high speed Blister Machine DPH260. At 200 punches/minute, with a maximum output reaching 600 blisters/minute, this Blister Machine is geared to medium-sized batches. It is the culmination of our nearly 30 years professional experience in blister packaging field.

 Some details of this machine are as follow:

 1. The plastic filmis unwound from the reel and guided through a heating station.This Blister Machine accommodates two forming material reels. One of the reel’s diameter can reach up to 600mm, it could allow production runs of approximately 90 minutes, therefore, reducing the material replacement frequency.2. This machine is equipped with an integrated forming material splicer to enhance efficiency during material replacement.3. The lidding material loader adopts a fast lock mechanism, enabling replacement of lidding material easily within about 10 seconds.

4. The Track feeder for flat tablets consists of a hopper for holding tablets, vibratory conveyor to transfer tablets, tracks and a sensor for monitoring tablet level.5. The hopper which is made of 316 stainless steel adopts stretching forming processes and mirror polish without any weld seam. It is in total conformity to pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

 6. After forming and feeding, the plastic film arrives in the sealing in the sealing station then embossing station.This Blister Machine adopts  the grid sealing type

8. The material drag system adopts a precise servo motor to achieve stable, accurate running. The blister length can be set freely through Touch Screen User Interface, which reduces the time for a format changeover.9. Adopts transverse cutter which easily collects its blister card.

10. The machine adopts exquisite an camber transparent guard cover assuring safe operation. It can be opened completely for fast and easy cleaning. When the guard cover is opened the machine stops automatically (optional).We sincerely invite our new and current customers to visit our booth. Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd.    24-02-2014