We provided a new Blister Line for a multinational group-Novartis

Pharmaceutical companies around the world have been adopting thermoforming blister packaging and cartoning for ampoules and vials, resulting in expanded business opportunities for our company.
One customer, a subsidiary company of multinational group-Novartis, contacted us this past May, to create a machine to solve a unique need.  It would need to load two different kinds of vials into one blister card. After blister packaging, the cards are transferred via continuous motion to the Cartoner, with an output that must reach 180 cartons per minute.  Here, our challenge was the feeder.  It would need to feed two different kinds of vials into one blister card, with limited platform space and running at high speed in order to match the speed of the Cartoner. 

After nearly four months of work, in September, we delivered a new Blister Line to our customer.  This Blister Line combines the Blister Machine DPP260L and Cartoner ZH180, the bottleneck of this line, the feeder, adopts a robot from EPSON, a professional manufacturer of robots.  
Following one month’s testing for stability, the line met our customer’s requirements, and provided the perfection solution for his company.

   Multinational Group-Novartis 

Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd.