We received an award for Advanced Taxpaying Enterprise

Decision for Honoring Annual Advanced Enterprises of 2015 by Dongjing Town
All Communities, Enterprises, Institutions and Government Departments:
Year 2015 is the last year of 12th Five-Year Plan, and also the key year to cope with changes of Macro-situation and challenges of transitional development. Dongjing Town Party Committee and government always take economic construction as a key developing point, focusing on innovation drive and transitional development, to ensure the economy of the town develop steadily through continuous regulations of economic structure and vigorously promoting scientific and technologic innovation, expending product markets and brand construction. The added value amounts to RMB 3.6 billion, increased by 5.8% year on year; fiscal avenue amounts to RMB 1,073 million, increased by 61.84% year on year; while local fiscal avenue reaches RMB 334 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 78.42%. Gross industrial output value reaches RMB 6,649 million and investment of fixed assets amounts to RMB 2,639 million, wherein industrial project investment is RMB 200 million; contractual foreign capital is USD 1.95 million, with paid-in investment of USD 2.58 million. Moreover, 966 new jobs are created. All these achievements owe to the joint efforts of all people from the town, especially the unremitting efforts of all township industrial and commercial enterprises. 
To honor advanced enterprises and to promote a new round of economic development, we decided to reward 61 enterprises various awards. Among them are Ikea Shanghai Co., Ltd., which will receive an award for Outstanding Taxpaying Enterprise and Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd., which will receive an award for Advanced Taxpaying Enterprise
We wish all the honored enterprises above continue to work hard and fight for more innovation and achievements, making more contributions to the robust economic development of Dongjing Town.

CPC Dongjing Town Committee, Songjiang District, ShanghaiSongjiang District Dongjing Town People′s Government