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We added “Machine Video” links at the lower left corner of the picture in the “Products” page. We also uploaded

Are you looking for agents or business partners?

Yes! In order to provide better service to our customers and develop global market, we are now actively searching for

Defects of clod formed blister

Defects Cause Solutions 1.The depth of the formed blisters is not deep enough. 1.The depth of forming is not correct.

Defects of thermoformed blister

Defects Cause Solutions 1. Perforation at the blister’s bottom 1. The forming temperature is too high.2. The quality of the

Are Jornen and Shanghai Jiangnan same company?

Yes, Jornen and Shanghai Jiangnan are same company. To improve our presence in the international markets, our company, Shanghai Jiangnan

How long have you been manufacturing Cartoner?

In 1999 Jornen started to develop the Cartoner , and in 2000 the first Blister Line was launched. Now we

Where are you located?

No.3966 Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, China.

FAQ of Blister Packaging Machine

There are many different types of Blister Packaging Machine since the manufacturers are different. The performance of domestic and imported

How long have you been in business?

Company founder Mr. Yang Yijun has been developing the Blister Machines since 1985. In 1989, he launched China’s first Platen

What is difference between the platen and rotary type of Blister Machine?

Brief Introduction to Structure Principle of Blister Packing Machine The Blister Packing Machine may be divided in to plate type,