Machine in factory

Operation of Blistering, pillow packing, cartoning and Stretch Banding
A line combined with bottle unscrambler, cartoning machine and case packer
Alu-PVC-alu Blister Packaging Machine
Continuous-motion Vertical Cartoning Machine
Jornen displayed Blister Line at Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo 2021
Cartoning Machine equipped synchronous feeder for ampoules
A line combined with Blistering, Pillowpacking, Cartoning, Stretch Banding and Case Packing
Cartoning Machine equipped vials and booklets feeding device.
A high-speed line combined with Blistering, pillow packing, Cartoning, and Stretch Banding
Cartoning Machine for suppository equipped with automatic finger cots feeder.
A line combined with Blistering, Cartoning and Stretch-Banding
Test running of a rotary sealing alu-alu blister packaging machine