Blister and Cartoning Machine enquiry from Kenya


I got your contact from Jornen website and I guess you may serve the Kenyan market.
We are considering cartoner for tablets packing.
compact ( we are pressed for space)
Relatively high speed (60-100/ min 10×10.
With a feed cassette since we want to keep the blister and packing areas seperate.
Easy to operate with one operator (ideally). Easy to changeover between size and type.
So I have been searching across India and China and the Cartoning Machine 150 seemed ideal . And i can send you our analysis of the boxes that we currently do.
Challenge we are finding in market:
10×10: most manufacturers of cartoners cannot manufacture or too slow to be of any use. The thickest (height) is about 90mm. Most of the packs though are sitting between 45-65mm height.
Speed: most with leafletting get speed down to only about 30 packs/min. Each our batch is between 8000-16000 packs, At 30 packs/min with breaks etc will take about 10-11 hours to pack. We need to do it in 8 ideally.
We currently have two Indian machines in the liquid packing department: they are too fiddly and we find operators are taking long to settle in the machine. And they are too long (4m) we don’t have that kind of space. I do understand there will be atrade off between this point and speed point but need to figure out optimal compromise i suppose.
The machine will have to come broken down as we have very little entry space.
We also have 3×10 and 1x 10 blisters and will require their changeparts on same machines.
Currently we produce approximately 2bn tab;lets per year – most are bulked pack but there is a move towards Blister Packing Machine now.
At the moment I am looking around to confirm quality, performance, and price of such machines and if the specs fit then we can decide on way forward.
Hope to your comments and questions.
Thanks and kind regards,