Blister Machine and Cartoner enquiry from Guyanese

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a Guyanese based company. My company wholesale and retail pharmaceuticals for the Government of Guyana as well as private markets. I came across your esteemed company and would like for you to provide some information on your Blister Packaging Machine and Cartoning Machine. Currently, there is only one Blister Packaging entity in Guyana and I intend to purchase a Blister Machine from your company. However it is for a small to medium scale usage as my company intend to blister package locally and to a few Caribbean countries. From your company page I was briefed on the compatibility of the model of Cartoning Machine along with a specific model of Blistering Machine. Thus far, the DPP260Ki2 Blister Machine and ZH120i Cartoner or the DPP-260K Blister Machine and ZH-90 Cartoner looks promising. However I would like to know if the thermoforming material which was listed as PVC could be replaced with PP. This is a bit of an issue for us which is due to the fact of the high humidity in Guyana as well as Caribbean countries. Another query is the blistering of light sensitive material. I am also interested in the apparatus needed to preform air tightness test for quality control purposes. Our intention is to blister tablets and capsules and would like to acquire the quotation for the Blistering Machine, Cartoner, testing apparatus and dies.
I am most open to suggestion and any other promotions your company has to offer as it relates to Blister packaging. I appreciate your prompt response.
Kind regards,