Blister packaging machine enquiry from Spain

Good night,

I am writing you to ask if you could give me some information about your Blister Machine, Cartoning Machine and Blister Packaging Lines. I am from Tarragona, Spain, and I am studying Biotechnology.
This course we have to elaborate a project as if it was true. Our project is about pill production, and we need to make a budget. We searched some blister machines and we found out your company. The information we are asking for will be used only for our ficticious-project and no more.
So, if it does not take too much time of your work, we would like to know the average price of a Blister Packaging Line, that could put pills in the Blister Machine , and then the blister into the Cartoning Machine. We would be pleasant if you could say us the energetic potency, of this machine.
Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to your response.