Cartoner machine enquiry from Hungary

Dear Sir,

Please could you propose a vertical Cartoner, or case erector+ closer for the following application:
We are currently packing 3 pod/egg shaped plastic containers (each weighs 400g) into a carton which we do completely by hand.
I have attached a carton drawing and carton photo
Carton should be glue closed top and bottom, production rate is 14 carton/minute
I would like to ask your help with the following:

  1. Price 1 is just for the basic semi automatic Cartoning Machine where the machine erects the carton and closes the carton we fill manually.
  2. Price 2 is for an automatic Cartoning Machine where the machine fills the carton as well
  3. Manufacturing time from order
  4. Do you have any completed machines close to our spec?
    Look forward to your feedback
    Thanks and Best Regards