Cartoning Machine enquiry from Argentina


I am looking to buy an automatic Cartoning Machine for our line of cereal bars. There are 4 lines of 180 bags per minute each. You would need to automatically load them into a single continuous motion Cartoning Machine in boxes for 6 units, at a speed of 120 carton per minute (180 x 4 = 720/6 = 120). The product load must be automated, and the product inside the carton can be accommodated in two ways, two floors of 3 flat bars or 6 bars side by side.
In this same line corrugated carton boxes are packed for 100 units, currently made manually, and for this, we should leave the space between the horizontal packers type flow pack and the automatic loading device so that one operator can work per line and collect The bars at the outlet of the flow pack packaging and place them in the corrugated box. (Unless they can also quote the automation of the box load x 100 units).
The drawing of the box is the current one that uses a flap for the closed, in the new box this should be with hot glue on both sides.
I hope your cooperation for our project