Enquiry from Mexico

Dear sir

We are a Mexican Pharmaceutical Company, that is looking for a very good manufacturer of the following equipments.
Complete line suitable for blister tablets and capsules ALU to ALU and ALU to PVC connected from the Blister Machine to Cartoner and if possible to a closing carton it must be automatic all the line
Please tell me what capacity that you manufacturer that will adjust to the complete line because we need a large capacity equipment
Please send your quotation with time delivery
Please send me the prices for your tablets press machine
Number GZPS75 / GZPS69 / GZPS55 and the maximum capacity of each one
Deblistering machine BDM 120
Can you send some of your technical to install this line in Mexico under your cost so that our personal know how to use your equipment (they must speak English)
If we agree on your quotation and terms, because I must tell you that In Mexico we have the same as in China a Control exchange situation and the only way the Central Bank of Mexico authorized to buy from China is by a Irrevocable Letter of Credit and Confirm to your China Bank under the terms of 180 days form the bill of lading. I hope you understand our position.
We also require before we buy and physical inspection to any Pharmaceutical Plant in China and see a complete line working. Please tell us if this possible, because we can travel to see your manufacturing plant and see the blister machine working in a Chinese Pharmaceutical Company
I thank you in advance for the prompt attention given to the above.