Enquiry of high speed Blister Machine

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your time at the recent Pack Expo in Chicago. After further discussions with our client, we would like to pursue a purchase of your high speed Blister Machine model DPH 260 and Cartoner model ZH 120i. If you recall from August Meinerz and my visit, we needed the slightly deeper forming depth. As you can see from the specifications, we should be able to go to 17 mm. You had indicated that should not be an issue. Actual product size is a 14mm semi soft cube. We would be interested in your filling solutions proposals. Or we will can be responsible for the filler. In any case we need a machine to make and carton 200 units per minute. You had also said that this was possible. What do you feel would be a realistic, comfortable and smooth running speed? We understand that running them full speed all the time may not be feasible. We would like to make some educated guesses as to how we would schedule production and add working hours if necessary. Could you also please give us a budget estimate and a projected completion and ship date? We have a perfect opportunity to make a sale with your help. The machine would work in a showcase environment. We also had talked of becoming your US Representatives for sales and service. We are not sure of your feelings about this either. Please let know if there is any interest. One way or another we are looking to buy a new machine. We look forward to your response. Sincerely