Thermoforming Packaging Machine enquiry Georgia

Dears, Hope this letter finds you well, we are from GEORGIA and are writing in order to get detailed information about Thermoforming Packaging Machine for food packaging. We are a small company are gathering information about food packaging automatic machines with high quality and reasonable price. In order to look in to details, can you provide us with below mentioned information: 1)Specification – which type of food can be packed and in what forms, 2)Manual – how this machine works, what is needed in addition (films, forms, etc.) 3)Can basic user work with this machine or specific training is needed, if needed – what type of training is needed 3)product price, 4)delivery price, 5)Delivery Time, 6)Payment terms, 7)Guarantee terms, 8)Service level agreement terms. Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing from you Best Regards