DPH series Blister Machine Universal Feeding Device

DPH series Blister Machine Universal Feeding Device
The universal feeder is capable of feeding almost all items such as capsules, flat tablets, oval tablets, capsule tablets, triangular tablets or other various shapes.
It mainly consists of a feeding hopper (1), vibratory conveyor (4), two vertical rotary brushes (9), planetary agitators and two horizontal brushs (11).
After the adjustment of all stations, run the Blister Machine, if every stations running properly then it is ready for feeding, firstly, pour the tablets or capsules into the feeding hopper (1), turn on the power switch (7), adjust the vibration control switch (6) to convey the tablets from the hopper to feeding box (8), turn on the brush control switch (5) to adjust he running speed of brushs.
The vertical rotary brushes sweep the tablets into blister pockets, the horizontal brushs also lays down tablets so that they are properly positioned in the pockets, the last horizontal rotary brush consists of denser hairs and guarantees that only tablets properly positioned in a pocket can pass out of the feeder.
The feeding box is equipped with a sensor that can automatically monitor tablet level, when the tablets level is low it will send signal to electromagnetic vibrator (2) to convey more tablets to feeding box.
The feeding box is equipped a handle on the front side for easy handling, when open the feeding box up, the lock (10) can fixs its position, pull the lock out and hold the handle to lay down the feeding box again .
The brushes can be quickly replaced for cleaning purposes.
For different products, format parts are not required.
Note: Before feeding, please make sure the unformed PVC has passed out of feeder, otherwise the tablets will be crushed in the sealing station, resulting in unnecessary waste.
DPH series Blister Machine Universal Feeding Device schematic diagram:

  1. Feeding Hopper 2. Electromagnetic Vibrator 3. Vibratory Conveyor 4. Feeding Motor 5. Brush Control Switch
  2. Vibration Control Switch 7. Power Switch 8. Feeding Box 9. Vertical Rotary Brushes 10. Lock 11. Horizontal Rotary Brush